Houseplans, House Design

The House Designers must observe the task to implement the wishes of the client and the requirements of the building department here. Technically feasible and appropriate solutions must also be. It is based on experience is very important, because many of the client's wishes are recurrent in this regard and you can draw on experience.

We offer on our site plan proposals, the change can be - or redraw, as needed.
Mainly for construction companies is the development of Catalog Type interesting, in addition to the floor plans, which can be discussed with the client, the tree strait calculation includes, and the presentation of house types on the Internet or in printed matter. Here we offer 3D architectural visualization an.

During the construction phase of the building plan by the wishes of the client, Needs the approval authority, etc., updated and supplemented. This brings the plan or planner. the house planning a central role in the implementation of building the house to.

For the impairment of the resulting building is the critical design - who does not know, The accident Hausbauten, have been the wishes of the construction office just somehow, but act creatively ugly. A beautiful design will find its buyer, the same goes for later, if the building is already. Here, therefore, much (Real Estate) Value arising, or be awarded.

Is about to become clear, what type of construction is preferred, pricing which direction you can turn it, what priorities it sets - this should be considered in a relatively early stage, best calculated on the basis of facts.
The house plan is holistic in well structured businesses, d.h. The House bill includes the - in the further planning process continues writing - Issue of tender documents, Offered, etc..

Hausplaner24 provides the builders and specialist companies in terms of gene tree, So the converted space, of residential space, the wall surfaces, the roof surfaces, the type and quantity of components such as windows and doors installed etc., explicit material. On this basis, tenders are executed, Discussions with the planning authority held, even before the planning application is made.

Construction companies are often overloaded, when it comes, the gene tree of a project described unclear even "pull out". This means raking (or. Sign work) Often this means an offer only a rough estimate, the significance for all parties is therefore low.


Here the layout designer can already in the early stages of the project provide a valuable service, when it comes, to clarify the prices for a construction project. The house planning, it is with the modern means of house construction, provides the key figures, which are necessary for a successful tender. With these documents, any construction operations can answer the quote in a short time valid.

Of course there are just in the use of building materials large price differences. This is true both for the shell, as for the interior, as e.g.. Soils, Wall tiles etc.. A clear definition of the shell volume and the materials to be used is therefore imperative, to make a clear statement's price.
Specific costs, arising out of the use of certain materials, are determined from the mass calculation is thus easy to.

In the turnkey construction companies are the construction specifications often quite different, so that it is difficult, to compare between the performance of different enterprises. Sometimes, even more significant advertising expenses (Giveaways) how to, which are intended to, the project to make it look very cheap and attractive. (Holiday flights or similar) Most of the National Committee but have a basic standard, which is in itself the "Economics of the feasible"/a good value for money oriented - Thus, a basic standard of frequently used, good building materials. Special requirements such as the use of a special, higher quality materials are regularly connected with extras: good, who can recalculate here and has numbers of building masses at hand.

House building / House plan - this will always have a strong cost-relatedness. The House Designer is required, Key figures of the planned building to determine detailed. It's about solutions, the straining household budgets of the client and allow the construction project of the highest quality; so it does not build houses plan remains.


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