PE-1056, Townhouse Houseplan (bay with glazed external wall – balconies – balcony in the front area)

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PE-1056, Townhouse Houseplan. Floorspace: 161,47 m², Livingspace: 141,74 m²

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Type: Townhouse
House broadth: 10,52 m
House Length: 10,19 m
Floorspace: 161,47 m²
Livingspace: 141,74 m²
Livingrooms: 4 , Baths: 2
Biggest Room: 43,68 m²
Biggest Room Caption: Living/Dining,Ground Floor
Cellar: 0
Guest Room/Bureau: 0

Product Description

PE-1056, Townhouse Houseplan, Townhouse with 161,47 m² Floor-Space