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We gave you some examples for houseplans, adding constantly more. Of course changes have to be made, respectively a whole new conception.

Send us your ideas and expectations via email or fax. Or use a ready houseplan to develop your concept. We will gladly implement the modifications.

If you want to obtain a complete new houseplan, please contact us and give detail information, we will do our best to meet your needs on the highest level.
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The documents comprise
– dimensioned plan as true to scale .pdf – file (Adobe Acrobat), including floorplans for every floor, sectional drawings and 4 exterior views (2D)
– calculation of areas and quantities (CoAQ) as a .xls-file (Excel)
– components-plan (designating the parts according to CoAQ) as a .pdf-file
– living space calculation as a pdf-file
– attractive exterior views in 3D
– calculation of areas and quantities (CoAQ) as a .xls-file (Excel)

Your advantage:

Before closing contracts with builders you may negotiate, on the basis of explicit documents. So, very clearly, theres a lot of money to save. Depending on the size of your building project, this can make a difference of tens of thousands..

Plan-Set A contains the following files:

- dimensioned layout plan as a to scale pdf-file, containing the dimensioned goundplans, 4 different exterior views from cardinal points and 2 cross section drawings;

Plan-Set A:

- Room list with living space calculation as .pdf-file; (Wfl)

Plan-Set B contains the following files:

– calculation of areas and quantities (CoAQ) as a .xls-file, ()Microsoft Excel);

Plan-Set B:

- components-plan (designating the parts according to CoAQ) having the capture of parts, e.g. walls, doors, roofs, windows etc., which are listed in the CoAQ as well.;

Plan-Set C contains the following files:

- 2 attractive exterior views and floor plans, as hogh resolution jpg files


the dimensioned plan with the house levels, the 4 exterior views and the cross section drawings

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In the roomlist we have summed up the areas of the house, organised by levels

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The calculation of areas and quantities (CoAQ) sums up the surface areas of walls, roofs; the number and sizes of doors and windows, etc..
The CoAQ contains a capture for every item; these captures can be found again in the included components-plan.

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The components-plan (designating the parts according to CoAQ) helps to find the parts listed in the CoAQ on the dimensioned plan.

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The exterior views and the floor plans provide a good overview of the planned house

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